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Welcome and thank you for viewing and considering our new Artist Series rug collection. Like many, I have a deep and emotional connection to art and I've always taken inspiration from art in various forms spanning across centuries and styles in my work. Can't help but think of Leonardo da Vinci in the same measure and breath as someone like Al Held (even if it is just to bring us down to earth) and yet yearn to see how cutting edge a Joris Laarman piece might feel in the same space.

This constant tug for the past, present and future is what lead me to first discovering a near void in relevant choices for area rugs. If you did an old world traditional interior, should they always be grounded by an Oushak or an Axminster rug? Or to complete a more modern room, are Sisals and Moroccan rugs the only options? What about rugs that are meaningful, relevant and hinting on something you know or are interested in, like Modern Art? A strong sense of art is a quality the well-informed usually seek. For The Artist Series, (which I also meant to act as an anti-thesis to the very colorful and bold murals I use) several of my favorite 20th century artists and their works have influenced the designs of each of the 12 rugs in this collection which I wanted to feel like art under foot. The idea being that so many of us like simple and neutral rugs especially when we need them to be fairly quiet because we love to add vibrant, colorful and sculptural furnishings and art above the rug. But still, why should the rugs be so plain and boring often relying only on texture? Why not make them like art except they are beyond usable? What if they can lay the foundation for your room beautifully but quietly with a simple design which reminds you of an artist or art work you love except it's not on your walls but luxuriously under your feet?! Best of all, the design details are both bold and subtle (an oxymoron - I know!) and it'll be a joy discovering the artful nature of them as you begin using them.

I hope you enjoy shopping and using our rugs as much as we do!

XO, Raji

Where are your rugs sold?

Our rugs are currently available through us on our website - shop the collection. We are, however, in discussion with showrooms around the country about possibly carrying our line of rugs.

What do the rug names stand for?

A self-confessed museum junkie, Raji named each of the rugs - Montmartre, Pompidou, Prado et al - after some of the most famous art museums in the world.

I am a Designer, how do I open a trade account and purchase your rugs?

If you are a designer, you can fill out this form to request a quote for our rugs. You can also apply for a Trade Account here.

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I am an end user/consumer, how do I purchase your rug?

Our entire collection of 12 rugs are now available for purchase on our online rug shop. You can purchase online through our secure checkout by simply selecting the rug, size, quantity and adding it to your cart.

Can I get a sample of the rug before I place the order?

Yes, 10" x 10" samples are available for purchase through our online rug shop. Since the colorway and the weave/pile of the rug is the same across all our rug designs, one sample will suffice for any of the 12 rug designs you decide to purchase. Simply choose the 10" x 10" sample option and add it to your cart.

Can I place an order for a custom size rug?

Yes, besides the standard sizes available on our rug shop, custom sizes can be ordered. Send us a quote request for the size you need and we will provide you with a quote. Please note: custom orders do take four weeks more than our standard lead time of 8 - 12 weeks. Due to the hand made quality of the rug, the rug sizes may vary slightly.

Can I choose my own colors for one of your rugs?

At this time, we do not offer custom color choices and colorways. The rugs have been designed with the particular colors in mind as a series of rugs in essentially black and off-white.

How do I ensure the color I see on my computer or phone screen is the color I will receive?

Due to individual computer monitor and phone screen settings, actual colors may vary in person. It is best to order a sample of our rug which will show the colors more precisely.

How long does it take to receive my rug once I place the order?

All our rugs including the standard sizes are made to order. The lead time for any of our standard size is 8 - 12 weeks. Custom sizes take an additional four weeks.

Where are the rugs made?

Our rugs are made in India. The workshop is one of India's best manufacturers of fine hand-tufted rugs known for their high quality craftsmanship. The rugs are hand-tufted by skilled artisans many of whom are generational weavers and whose families have been weaving rugs for several decades.

Raji RM Rugs Rugmark

What is the construction process and the materials used for the rugs?

The construction process begins with our scaled drawings which is then mapped out to a life size rug which allows us to calculate the amount of wool we need in the different colors to begin the dying process. Once the wool is dyed and ready, it is issued for weaving when the weaving crew begins to hand tuft the carpet. It then finally moves on to the finishing process and the clipping is done. That's when the threads on the 100% wool pile are separated and sheared with finesse for the colors to come alive and in some cases are carved out to make the design details more pronounced. All our rugs will carry the RUGMARK seal ensuring no child labor is used in the production of the rug. With the RUGMARK seal we also contribute 1% of the rug's cost towards welfare of children in India.

The rugs are made using fine New Zealand blended wool with a 100% wool pile height of approximately12mm. Each yarn is individually tufted by hand to enhance the rug's design. A high quality latex backing material is used to provide strength and durability to the carpet.

Do I need a rug pad for the rug I purchased?

The latex backing on the rug along with the weight of the rug make the carpet anti-skid especially with furniture on it. However, if you prefer to add more cushion to the rug or for smaller rugs that won't have any furniture over it, a rug pad is recommended.

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