The stairwell by Raji Radhakrishnan

Light down the stairs....adding this wall on the right is the best move we made in our new home!! Not only did it create the privacy we craved, it gives a new definition to the family room which is to the right of the wall, gave a fantastic gallery like space in the large foyer which is where I'm standing and has created this ( #JohnPawson ) #monastery moment in our stairwell 😀 - basically I couldn't be happier!! #rajisnewhome


A Mid-Century Modern House by Raji Radhakrishnan

A once neglected mid-century modern house I designed for clients ten years ago was all about refreshing the interiors with light and air. But it also became a project to collect modern classics and for bespoke contemporary pieces too. #interiordesign by @rajirmdesign #russellwright #jouve #capron #polchambost #eduardochillida