Lights, camera, action! by Raji Radhakrishnan

I love this shot taken by @rikkisnyder ! I remember thinking of #danflavin when we composed this photograph as I saw the light from the window not only filling the nook but walking through the lines of the bulkhead on the ceiling while the rest of the walls lightly faded making it almost like a light installation! And I forgot all about my design, my rugs and the furnishings there despite how colorful and attention grabbing they are!! @rajirmdesign #rajirmdesign #rajirmrugs #lucienneolivieri #interiordesign #light #installation


A trial run by Raji Radhakrishnan

Did a trial run last night, dressed up and went out for dinner. Enjoyed the dinner but followed by severe pain! Thanks to the strong meds, ten hours of sleep helped! Wearing a red Chanderi cotton with a pair of #silver dipped in #gold jumkas made with #rubies and #emeralds. @rajirmdesign #rajirmdesign #chanderi #cotton #handloom #jewelry #jewelrydesign #indianjewelry


Light & Shadow by Raji Radhakrishnan

This French wire sculpture I've had for years now left the most beautiful shadow of the boy and girl kissing in Champs Élysées yesterday afternoon. So glad I captured this moment as the light only lasted for a second but was such a surprise and felt so good to see this!! #homesweethome #rajishome #rajirmdesign @rajirmdesign #lightandshadow #sculpture


A colorful bespoke rug by Raji Radhakrishnan

One of my favorite projects - the clients love color and we made this bespoke rug for them from my own collection. It's now their favorite hangout space and since they wanted to keep the old stone fireplace, we worked around it and it became a perfect spot for them to read by the fire! @rajirmdesign #rajirmdesign #rajirmrugs #rugs #color 📷 @rikkisnyder


In The New York Times by Raji Radhakrishnan

I'm so thrilled that sweet Marianne Rohrlich wrote this fabulous article in the New York Times on various traditional bridal dresses and included my darling daughter's photo and quote in it!! This is way too cool!! Thank you Marianne!! I should add wedding coordinator and bridal stylist to my career portfolio now!! 😂😂 📷 by @creativechisel #indianbride #weddingdress #indianwedding #hinduwedding