Inspired Monday Morning: Deborah Needleman's T Magazine / by Raji Radhakrishnan

These days every time I get T Mag's Style or Travel issues I want to post about it. I've always enjoyed the T magazine even before Ms. Deborah Needleman took over as the head of Editorial. Although I can't quite put a finger on what it was about the magazine in its previous incarnation that I liked or remember specific sections except recall the very modern focus of the design articles and that T always had a page devoted for it's iconic "T" monogram and type which was reinterpreted by an artist in his or her own way. That was a favorite. The fact that I can't recall any other favorites or specifics on the older version of the mag has got nothing to do with the previous editors and everything to do with the current team.

That's me telling you that each issue of T, since Ms. Needleman took over, is perfect and fully packed with stories that whisk you away to a corner of the world you are yet to explore or re-discover. In the process, I find that T has now mastered the way to showcase traditional, fussy and even folksy styles in such a modern and stylish way that no other magazine (most with a strong design style focus) gets it. It definitely has an international focus which is a welcome relief from any other design/style/lifestyle editorials which are mostly focused on the domestic PR agenda (and let's be honest it's usally content from New York and occasionally LA, SF, DC, et al). Not that anything is wrong with the editorial focused on our own country but with dozens of editorials already focused on the domestic radar, an American view of the International scene is most welcoming. Read it. And make sure it's more than just one issue. You'll know exactly what I mean when I say il est juste ma tasse de thé!

Photo via Tumblr and T magazine

The old T logo and believed to be a type specially developed for the magazine.

Artists' T versions which I still think was a very cool feature especially when compared to the current "substance-less" T logo.

More artists' T versions

A fabulous spread on the women of the Ferragamo house in yesterday's Travel issue

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