The New York Times Magazine / by Raji Radhakrishnan

For anyone who cares being human and of this world, this is a must read.  First, let me thank my husband who read the Preface aloud to me to pique my interest and pique he did. But if not for the care of the world, read this current issue of the @nytmag for the profound and once-in-a-lifetime awe-inspiring journalism. Truth be told part of me wishes I hadn't started reading it as it is not at all pleasant for a Sunday afternoon, but I am also entirely grateful as it is the beginning of an education of what is really happening in the other side of our world. Our World - the two words I hold dearest to my heart and truly worry there wouldn't be much of it left if we don't try to at least understand each other and hopefully respect and love each other. Even as I type this it feels like this is all an attempt in vain, albeit a small hope that maybe this @nytimes issue could be the start of realization and a step towards the right direction.