A Book / by Raji Radhakrishnan

Is it possible to enjoy a photo book, tearing up on many photos, heartily laughing on some of them and feeling your emotions take a wild ride? And that too a photo book that’s not your family’s, not your friend’s, not even someone you’ve ever seen in person? I did and so did my husband and my son. Former Chief Official White House photographer Pete Souza’s new book on Obama - An Intimate Portrait - is the best gift we’ve got ourselves. The book makes you feel like you are almost reliving his presidency and as if you were there at every moment, watching him closely, no one to stop you and the best part? You can relive it again and again by just flipping through the pages. Of course the photography is superb but, the stories each photo tells you, the capture of moments in anyone’s life would have been good but, Barack Obama’s? Dear god! Bless their souls. .