Of Angles And Bulkheads / by Raji Radhakrishnan

A fun little project we did for a wonderful and highly enthusiastic client (and the whole home was featured last year in Interiors magazine). This is the master bedroom featuring our Rijks rug from our #Rajirmrugs line. The client was hooked on painting the room a navy blue but, didn’t know how to given all the turns and bulk heads in the room. And I decided that instead of fighting the numerous angles and bulkheads in the room, we’ll just celebrate them! Highlighting with paint turned all the negatives in the room into a plausible play of light and shadow which the client absolutely loves. My favorite though is the original 1930s brick wall, once the exterior wall of the home. Imagine that! If the ceiling and blue walls were not there, he’d be sleeping with the skies!! 😀

#photography by @rikkisnyder